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We are asking you to come along on the journey of exploring UNITY and bringing together inspiring art from across this great country.


We are looking for individuals and organizations to sponsor prizes, promote N3XT, and facilitate a national tour.


This is an opportunity to be part of Canada’s next great national art adventure.


As Chair of the N3XT committee, I am personally dedicated to making N3XT a significant cultural event in Canada, and to gathering together a thrilling exhibition of challenging and meaningful work.


 I hope you will join me.

Canada is the best country. There really is no other place like it–I feel it the minute I arrive. It's just something wonderful.

Mrs. Seymour Knox lll

Painting: Hypothermia Ninety-Six Degrees
by Andrew F. Ross
Andrew F. Ross, Chair N3XT Canada

Andrew F. Ross Bio


Andy Ross is an international contemporary painter, cultural advisor, and  artists’ advocate living in Toronto and on his farm in Oro-Medonte Township, Ontario. His work is held in corporate, institutional, and private collections around the world.


Some notable collections include:


The Brooke Astor Collection - New York, NY

The Permanent Collection, Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo, NY

The Permanent Collection, Toronto School Board - Toronto, Ontario

Permanent Collection, Dineen Hull Gallery Hudson County Community College - Jersey City, N J

The Cox Collection - New York, NY

The Collier Collection - Palm Beach, Fla


Andy shares his time and unique experience to innovate and develop cultural assets:


  • In 1992, he founded the Juniper Island Art Festival. It continues to this day to contribute greatly to the cultural life of the Peterborough art community - bringing publicity and recognition to artists.

  • Spearheaded the permanent interior exhibition at the Roswell Park Cancer Hospital in Buffalo,  NY. Featuring photographer Jean Read Knox’s work in ground-breaking formats, the work brought nature’s spectacular vistas indoors for the benefit of cancer patients and their families.

  • Created and underwrote the benchmark International Group Exhibition hosted at the St. Louis Hotel in Calgary. The featured artists achieved unprecedented exposure to galleries and art buyers around the world.

  • Andy is the Founding President and Chair of Lakeshore Village Artists Co-op (LVAC) located in Etobicoke, the first legal live-work environment in Ontario.



Andy has served on the Arts Committee of the Arts & Letters Club since his first year of membership, and from there, he has taken N3XT under his wing. Mounted biannually, Andy has committed to chairing N3XT, N4XT, and N5XT.





N3XT is a juried competition by the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. The 2020 competition asks artists to create pieces around the theme of UNITY. N3XT is asking timely, challenging and necessary questions of Canadian artists. What is unity in Canada? Can we be unified? How can unity be expressed?


N3XT offers benefactors, patrons, artists and all participants an opportunity to participate in a unique experience the brings art from across our vast country to the hallowed walls of St. George’s Hall, a National Historic Site in downtown Toronto and home to the Arts & Letters Club. N3XT is the third installment of a juried art competition that was founded in 2016 to promote emerging visual artists. N3XT has evolved to a National competition and with the support of benefactors and sponsors will offer significant prizes to the top artists.


The Arts & Letters Clubs of Toronto is one of Canada’s oldest and most recognized arts clubs. It was founded in 1908 by journalist August Bridle. Its early members included Frederic Banting, John MacLeod and the Group of Seven. The Arts & Letters Club has evolved over time and runs programs for literature, architecture, music, painting, stage and more. Since 1967, more than 150 of its members have been named to the Order of Canada.


N3XT Ambassadors have been selected to promote N3XT in different regions of Canada. Their job is to liaise with local arts communities to promote N3XT and encourage artists to ponder UNITY and find new and innovative ways to express UNITY in their art.


Our hope is to gather art from coast to coast that all approach UNITY in their unique way. The mere act of assembling the art is an act of UNITY in and of itself and thus the N3XT creates UNITY by asking about UNITY.


N3XT will be launching the largest media promotion in the long history of the Arts & Letters Club. It will be using traditional media, social media and other creative means to gather publicity for N3XT and ask all Canadians about Unity.


The five-person jury will judge all work on the basis of digital images and the artist’s statement. Finalists will then be invited to have their work sent to the Arts & Letters Club for a second round of judging and awarding of prizes. N3XT culminates with an exhibit and awards gala in St. George’s Hall. If funds permit, the show will tour reciprocal clubs or independent galleries throughout Canada. Artists will attend in person or participate via social media such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.


We are asking you to join us on the journey of exploring Unity and bringing together art from this great country. We are looking for individuals and organizations to sponsor new prizes, promote N3XT, and facilitate a national tour. This is an opportunity to be part of Canada’s next great national art adventure.


As Chair of the N3XT committee, I am personally dedicated to making N3XT an important cultural event in Canada. I hope you will join me.


Maggie Broda


Maggie Broda is a Toronto-based freelance visual artist, writer, and educator. She holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art, Associate of OCA, and Member of OCT. She serves on the OCAD University Board of Governors, President OCADU Alumni Association, and currently holds the position of President of the Women's Art Association of Canada; Interviewer/writer/artist of the Elaine Fleck Contemporary Art Catalogue; Muskoka Arts and Craft Member; and Executive Member at John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto. Broda is also an active studio artist. Created in acrylic with brush and palette knife, her paintings express passion and style. The texture and movement capture the poetic spirituality that is inherent in art. Her work is in private collections throughout Canada, the US, and the UK. 



Moira Cowan


Moira Cowan holds a both a BA and MA in Fine Art History from the University of Toronto as well as an MBA in Strategy and Business Design from the Rotman School of Management. Cowan is currently Director at Sutton in New York, NY, a cultural communications company that promotes creativity across the globe. She is an art market specialist with unique expertise that encompasses a broad and rich knowledge of fine art. Prior to her position at Sutton, Cowan was Vice President & Business Director of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art in New York. 


Nadine Estrada-Karachi


Nadine Estrada-Karachi holds a BA Majoring in Sociology with a Minor in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto. Since moving to Mexico City in 1996, she has served as a Board Member of Patrons of Contemporary Art in Mexico. In 2016, she was appointed the Honorary Consul for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Mexico. Estrada-Karachi has organized fundraising programs for numerous foundations in Mexico, including projects designed to preserve museums, schools, and indigenous agricultural practices. 


Jacek Malec


Jacelk Malec is a leading art historian, critic, lecturer, and curator of many exhibitions relating to international and Canadian contemporary visual/new media arts, architecture, and design. After graduating in Art History, Museology and Curatorial Studies from the University of Wroclaw, Malec moved to Calgary, Alberta where he became Chief Curator of the Aerospace Museum. He was later named as Director/Curator at the Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts in Calgary which he helped transition into the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary in 2011. Malec co-founded the Art Forum Gallery in Calgary in 2013, an alternative public art gallery, and is currently Executive Director/Chief Curator of Harcourt House Artist Run Centre in Edmonton.



Christina Parker


Christina Parker is owner of the Christina Parker Gallery which overlooks the Narrows in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland. Parker represents emerging and established visual artists who work in a wide variety of mediums including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and video. The Christina Parker Gallery provides an expansive environment for monthly exhibitions by notable gallery artists who include Ned Pratt, Will Gill, Kym Greeley, Scott Goudie, Diana Dabinett, and many others.


Tom Smart


Tom Smart is an award-winning author of biographies, catalogues, and books on prominent Canadian artists including painters Christopher Pratt, Jack Chambers, Alex Colville, and Mary Pratt; sculptor John Hooper; and graphic novelists Seth and George A. Walker. Currently the Executive Director and CEO of Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Smart has worked in art galleries and museums across Canada and the United States, among them the Frick in Pittsburgh, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Vaughan, Ontario, where he was Executive Director from 2006 to 2010. Smart was a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Pittsburgh’s Mellon University.



Richard York


Richard York, woodcut artist and printmaker, has works in many private, public, and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Represented by the Mira Godard Gallery since 2016, his small-edition reduction woodcuts and linocuts combine abstraction, texture, and colour to reflect his interest in the uneasy and often tense boundaries between natural and man-made landscapes. Born in Wisconsin in 1955 and raised in California, an early interest in woodcuts led York to begin printing as a teenager. In 2009, he moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, opened Studio 2901, and became a Canadian citizen.

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