N3XT Exhibition Entry Instructions.

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$10,000 and $5,000 in cash awards.

Other prizes to be announced.

Key dates:

Entry Deadline: 11:59pm EST, Thursday, September 24, 2020

Finalists Announced: Friday, October 2, 2020

N3XT finalists are responsible for delivering their physical artwork

to the Arts & Letters Club by 4pm Friday, October 30, 2020 for

prize award judging and exhibition.

Virtual Award Gala: Thursday, November 15, 2020

N3XT Public Opening: Sunday, November 19, 2020

N3XT Exhibit Closes: Friday, December 18, 2020

All N3XT exhibition artwork must be picked up from the Arts &

Letters Club on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

Entries for the N3XT Exhibition can only be submitted at EntryThingy.com.


There is no limit to the number of entries for each Artist. The non-refundable fee is $24.50 for each entry. Artists may enter as sole creator or in the category of video, as a key member of a collaborative team. All entries must be submitted as a digital image. All 2D and 3D artwork entered must be available for sale at a price set by the Artist. The Arts & Letters Club will levy a 20% commission plus HST on the sale price. In the event of a sale, shipping to the customer is the Artist’s responsibility. Artists may not substitute other pieces for the ones submitted for digital jurying. It must be clear to the jury that the works are original. The Club reserves the right to reject artwork not fairly represented by the digital image. The decision of the Jurors is final.

All N3XT entries must meet the following criteria:

  • The Artist must be a citizen of Canada

  • The Artist’s own original concept, design, and execution

  • Executed without the supervision of an instructor

  • Created independently and not commissioned by a commercial client

  • Completed within the past 24 months

  • Not copies, derivatives, or based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, drawings, photographs, motion picture, graphic novel, or other artistic work

  • Not previously shown in a juried exhibition.


2D artwork categories

  • Painting – oil, acrylic, watercolour, spray paint*, pigment or stain e.g. coffee, wine, sap, berries, bitumen

  • Drawing – pastel, graphite, charcoal, conté, pen & ink

  • Photography – colour, black & white†

  • Mixed media – textiles, polymers, wood, metal, 

  • Digital painting and drawing

  • Intaglio prints – lino & wood block, lithography, etching, silk screen, serigraph


* Graffiti artists are encouraged to enter their artwork on 2D canvas or panels. 

† Photography of graffiti is ineligible unless it is entered by the graffiti artist. Photographs of graffiti on buildings or public structures are ineligible.

2D artwork criteria

  • No larger than 60” in height, frame included

  • No wider than 72” in width, frame included

  • Artwork on canvas, wood panel, metal, or paper flatstock suitably presented and ready for hanging

  • No heavier than 12kg (25lbs) 


3D artwork categories

  • Freestanding sculpture or objet d’art

  • Wood, metal, ceramic, textile


3D artwork criteria

  • 3D artwork in final material, ready for display

  • 3D piece weighing no more than 16kg (35lbs) and measuring no more than 254mm (10in) on any side


Graphic novel categories

  • Fiction or nonfiction

  • Published or unpublished manuscripts 


Graphic novel criteria

  • Created and written by one artist or as a team

  • A completed, original, stand-alone story using the Artist’s original characters

  • Executed on traditional media and/or digitally

Video categories

  • Short fictional film or documentary

  • Live action and/or animated

Video criteria

  • No longer than 3 minutes

  • Non-English video must include English subtitles

  • Complete credits in video for applicable key filmmakers: writer, director, cinematographer, performers, editor, animator.

Preparing digital files for submission.

2D submissions

  1. In a photo editing program such as Adobe PhotoShop, set your image size to 300 dpi to print at no more than 1200 pixels on the longest side.

  2. Crop the image so that just the art is shown. Do not include matting, frame, or background. Make sure the top of the artwork is at the top of the image.

  3. Label each image file to avoid confusion. Name your file as follows: Artist’s last name, media, size (including frame), title, and the entry number all separated by a dash. e.g. baker-oil- 35x24in-bigsky-1.jpg

  4. Save all picture files as a JPEG file and include the .jpg file extension.

  5. Each image file should be at least 1MB and no larger than 3MB. 2MB is perfect.

3D submissions

  1. Sculpture entries can provide up to 3 views of the same piece.

  2. See 2D submissions for preparing image files.

  3. If you send more than one view of the same piece, name your file as above and use “a” “b” “c” after the entry number: Artist’s last name, media, size, title, and the entry number all separated by a dash. e.g. baker-oil-8x8x4in-bigguy-1a.jpg, baker-oil-8x8x4in-bigguy-1b.jpg, baker-oil-8x8x4in-bigguy-1c.jpg.

Graphic novel submissions

  1. Graphic novels must be saved as a PDF containing the entire work.

  2. Set the resolution at 300dpi at no more than 4" on the longest side.

Video submissions

  1. Video files can be uploaded as a .MOV, .MP4 or .MPEG-2 format.

  2. If you upload a .MOV file, do not use Apple ProRes compression.

  3. You may send links to links of your video that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

  4. Apple ProRes files or raw camera formats such as ARRI and RED are not supported.


Preparing your digital entry.

Important: N3XT entries can only be submitted at EntryThing.com

  1. Prepare your digital files for online submission. (See above for details.)

  2. Create an artist profile at EntryThingy.com.

  3. Search EntryThingy.com for the N3XT competition entry.

  4. Complete the N3XT entry form at EntryThingy.com.

  5. When prompted, upload your artwork.

  6. Click submit and complete your entry with your payment. The non-refundable fee for each entry is $24.50 (CDN). You can enter as many pieces in as many categories as you like.

In Canada, artists automatically own the copyright to their work. You will maintain copyright ownership of any artwork you enter. By submitting to the N3XT Exhibition, the Artist grants the Club the right to use images of the entered artwork for publicity, educational, references, and

website purposes.

Artists whose work is chosen for the N3XT Exhibition will be notified and given instructions for shipping the artwork to the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto. Shipping and insuring artwork will be responsibility of the Artist. N3XT finalists will also receive:

  • Legal forms and Artist bio requirements

  • Guidelines for preparing 2D artwork for hanging

  • Press release and social media tools for promoting your participation in the N3XT Exhibition

  • Information about attending the N3XT Gala

  • or out-of-town artists requiring accommodation, the Club has arranged preferred rates with the Eaton Chelsea Hotel which is immediately behind the Club


We do not want anything getting in the way of getting your art in front of the N3XT jury.

Please send any questions or concerns to info@n3xt.ca

We will answer questions as quickly as possible and post frequently asked questions on the N3XT.ca website.

Thank-you for your participation in the N3XT competition. We can’t wait to see your concepts about national unity come to life!

Artists will be updated of any changes to the N3XT schedule or visit N3XT.ca for exhibition details.