The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto is one of Canada’s oldest and most recognized arts clubs.


The Club was created in 1908 as a meeting place for artists, writers, and patrons to come together for open dialogue about Canadian arts & culture.


Its early members included Frederick Banting, Vincent Massey, and members of the Group of Seven.


The Arts & Letters Club has evolved over time and hosts programs for literature, architecture, music, painting, stage and more.


Since 1967, more than 150 of Club members have been named to the Order of Canada.


Today, the N3XT visual arts competition renews that bold spirit by reaching out to a new generation of Canadian artists.


As a leading influence of Canadian cultural, the Arts and Letters Club provides a unique opportunity to promote artists who demonstrate exceptional talent and promise.

My view of the world, everything that I think about is shaped by being from here.

Kent Monkman

Photo of the Group of Seven by Arthur Goss at the Arts & Letters Club. From left: Varley, Jackson, Harris, friend Barker Fairley, Johnston, Lismer, MacDonald. Missing: Carmichael.
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