N3XT offers benefactors, patrons, and artists an opportunity to participate in a unique experience that unites the visual arts from all across Canada.


N3XT is the third installment of a juried art competition that was founded in 2016 to promote emerging visual artists.


N3XT has evolved to a national competition. Thanks to the generous  support of benefactors and sponsors, it will offer significant prizes to the top artists.


Ambassadors have been selected to champion N3XT in different regions of Canada. Their mission is to liaise with local arts communities to promote N3XT and encourage artists to explore new and innovative ways of expressing unity in their art.

We become what we behold.

Marshall McLuhan

Painting: Baicelong by Phillipa Faulkner
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Enter N3XT for awards up to $10K and $5K in cash prizes, Arts & Letters Club memberships, and more.